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September 2023 | Issue 29

Keeping Your Money Safe

Important Updates  •  2023-08-01
Keeping Your Money Safe

‍Did you know -- Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, and Apple Cash are not FDIC insured.

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Keep Those Business Receipts!

Tips and Reminders  •  2023-08-14
Keep Those Business Receipts!

Keeping receipts is critical for good, smart recordkeeping! Keep in mind that having a receipt is just the first step in providing evidence for a tax deduction. Make sure you document the purpose of the transaction along with the payment details and store the receipt electronically.

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How Can You Reduce Operating Expenses?

Tips and Reminders  •  2023-08-17
How Can You Reduce Operating Expenses?

Are you looking to increase your bottom line by reducing your operating expenses? There are several strategies to help you achieve this goal. Outsourcing non-core functions and optimizing technology is a great start!

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Balanced Energy Wellness

Client Spotlight  •  2023-08-23
Balanced Energy Wellness

My advice for fellow entrepreneurs is to hire others to do the stuff you don't enjoy or aren't good at and stick with your strengths!

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Deadlines and Updates

Upcoming Deadlines

Extended Tax Deadline for S Corporations and Partnerships is September 15th

Sales tax is due for monthly payers September 20th

Extended Tax Deadline for Individuals, sole proprietors and C corporations is October 16th

Standard Mileage Rates

Business 65.5¢/mi.

Relocation 22¢/mi.

Medical 22¢/mi.

Charitable 14¢/mi.

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In The Community

Journals & Ledgers is proud and grateful to be a part of such an incredible community. We are honored to have the opportunity to give back through our support of local schools, charities, and organizations.


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